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What is Tasmanian Black Garlic?
Tasmanian Black Garlic is not a garlic variety, rather organically grown Tasmanian Purple garlic in an aged state. Because garlic contains sugars and amino acids, when garlic undergoes fermentation, these elements produce melanoidin, a dark-coloured substance that is responsible for the colour of black garlic.

Tasmanian Black Garlic is created in a rather tricky process by ageing whole raw garlic bulbs for a month in
a fermenting oven under constantly monitored heat and humidity. This process blackens the garlic cloves and produces a tender flesh texture similar to soft dried fruit, it also makes the garlic skin paper-thin so it peels instantly. The taste is completely unique and delicious - sweet meets savoury, a hint of reduced balsamic vinegar and tamarind with tangy garlic undertones. The smell associated with raw garlic does not apply to Tasmanian Black Garlic - so it can be eaten every day without a care... it does not induce garlic breath!

Tasmanian Black Garlic is an organically grown natural product, there are no additives or preservatives. It’s simply organic raw garlic aged in a fermenting oven. When it leaves the oven, it air-dries on racks, and is then cool stored in air tight glass containers until ready for use.

Health Benefits*
For information on chemical/nutritional analysis of Black Garlic, please click here.
The health benefits of black garlic are being touted worldwide by natural medicine practitioners and herbalists.
The month-long fermentation process in creating black garlic contributes to creating a kind of super-garlic. The compound S-allylcysteine, a natural component of fresh garlic and a derivative of the amino acid cysteine, is found in much greater concentrations in black garlic, and is thought to help lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of cancer. Raw garlic contains anti-microbial, antibiotic and anti-fungal agents in its active ingredient, allicin. In black garlic, S-allylcysteine assists with the absorption of allicin, helping it metabolize more easily which could offer boosted protection against infections. Garlic is also high in antioxidants. Black garlic has been found to have twice the antioxidant properties of conventional garlic. Antioxidants protect the cells from disease and are thought to slow down the aging process, according to OrganicAuthority.com. Because black garlic is so potent, the heightened levels of antioxidants offering protection from free radical damage make it an ideal food for thwarting chronic disease. Free radicals damage cells leading to heart disease, Alzheimer's, circulatory problems, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases.

So in a nutshell - our Tasmanian Black Garlic is not only super tasty, it's also super healthy and can be eaten every day as a health booster - without the fear of garlic breath!

Seasons / Availability / Provenance
Tasmanian Black Garlic is available seasonally from end January/early February to September. Garlic stock is grown predominantly in the Huon Valley of Tasmania, or sourced from regional growers. All garlic used in Tasmanian Black Garlic is chemical free and ethically grown.

Tasmanian Black Garlic is actually enjoyed best just as it is - peeled straight from the bulb, or as part of a deli/cheese platter. It makes great purees and sauces that lend rich flavor to pizzas, potatoes, pastas and rice.
The cloves are really versatile to cook with and can be added to any dish - the only limit is imagination. Due to its texture, it can be thinly sliced like a truffle and used as an accent. It pairs well with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and free-range meats. Many chefs are also experimenting with dessert applications such as Black Garlic icecream!

Shelf life is 6 months* in sealed containers. Best cool stored (fridge or cool pantry shelf). Can store for several weeks at room temperature. Tasmanian Black Garlic can also be frozen as whole bulbs, and can be eaten straight from the freezer (texture slightly softer so frozen black garlic is great for making sauce or paste).

*We recommend 6 months as shelf life for optimal freshness, but we are finding from trials that our whole bulb black garlic lasts well over 8 + months when kept in an air tight container in a cool area.

Black garlic is a relatively newer form of garlic within the commercial market, but has exploded onto the international culinary scene in recent years. It is a much sought after ingredient used in gourmet kitchens throughtout Korea, Japan, Europe and America. In Australia, it is largely unknown and has been difficult to source, but Tasmanian Black Garlic Co. hopes to make this devine product more available to Australian chefs and cooks. The original Korean fermentation methods included keeping the garlic in earthenware containers in caves or other cool areas for a few months. Some techniques air dry the garlic for about forty days over old soy sauce!

Ethnic/Cultural Info
Tasmanian Black Garlic is unrelated to the ornamental plant Allium nigrum nor a genetically unique six-clove garlic also called black garlic.

Where can I buy Tasmanian Black Garlic?
Tasmanian Black Garlic can be purchased directly from us on the farm by the kilogram, 500gm, 6pack or a single bulb in a tub. We also make a delicious paste, and will soon have infused vinegars available. Or go to stockists >

Pricing (no gst on our produce)
Per kilogram: $95.00
  /  500gm: $48.00   /   6 pack : $26.50   /   single bulb tub: $5.00

For wholesale pricing (restaurants & providores) please contact us directly.

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